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ETI: Etikette Trainer International

Manners are a mixture of the traditional and the modern. They alter according to the mood of the times. The recommendations given by Etiquette Trainer International for polite dealings with each other are thus the result of processes within society. Every person contributes to this with his behaviour and experience.

We etiquette trainers address such developments, discuss them, compare them with traditional manners and then set new standards. We present these recommendations in seminars, dialogue with the press, and publications. Our network of specialists stands for topicality, competence and quality.

ETI = Experience, Trends, Information

Current Tip

ETI-Tip February 2020

Download the tip of February 2020 here.



Office ETI
Imme Vogelsang (Ms)
Sonnenau 15
D-22089 Hamburg
Fon +49 (0)40 2008808
Mobile +49 (0)171 3520746