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„ I observe people and their encounters every day. I am fascinated by how much the quality of each of these interactions is influenced by implicit, not obvious factors such as demeanour, culture, visual signals and communication. My job ist to sharpen my clients’ eyes for these aspects so that they can optimize their personal presentation and influence the quality of their encounters in a positive way.“


  • Confident personal presentation and social skills
  • Self-marketing
  • Business behaviour
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Intercultural acumen
  • Business networking
  • On-brand behaviour
  • Small talk
  • Dining etiquette and table manners
  • Business attire and social dress codes

Inhouse trainings, workshops, speeches, presentations bi-lingual German/English

International experience: Extensive national and international experience.



The Art of Social and Business Interaction
Catherine Tenger
Forchstrasse 254
CH-8704 Herrliberg/Zürich
Fon +41 (0)44 991 62 38
Mobile +41 (0)79 635 10 49
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ETI-Tip December 2019

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