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simone rappel

Dr. Simone Rappel is a specialist in intercultural training & coaching for India. The love for the country, the people and her excellent skills make her an accomplished trainer with 17 years of international practice. From her own experience, she knows the challenges of the Indian market and she can answer all your questions about culture, market entry, personnel management, team building and conflict management. Because of her scientific studies on culture, religion and ethics in India, she is a proven expert in the Indian management principles and business ethics.


  • Intercultural Trainings for the Indian market
    • Understanding the cultural mindset of Indian business partners
    • Awareness of the potential pitfalls and the strategy to be culturally sensitive in advance
    • Communication and negotiation in a relationship oriented environment
    • Knowledge on travelling safely in the Indian business world and in private life



Dr. Simone Rappel
Diplomtheologin, Religionswissenschaftlerin MA
Interkulturelles Training & Coaching mit Schwerpunkt Indien
Lautensackstraße 18
80687 München
Fon +49 (0)151 20662744
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